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Internet: My Endless Museum

September 7, 2012 by Ankoku Flare | 0 comments

After looking around Tumblr, I’ve had the urge to post my collection somewhere public. I usually forget I could place these pictures here. Honestly, I’m a bit lazy on making a Tumblr. It may potentially be another place to share around my artwork. However, I’m worried as it could pose as another distraction for me ( games and stumble upon is plenty enough). Figured I just stick to blogging it down here.

Like most people, I came across loads of interesting things other people created. I’ve collected stack of images from various of sources that has sparked some kind of interesting viewpoint. I think I should share some of them. I would consider all them my favorite, since I’m usually do worry about saving too much!

Hm, don’t want to smother this place with images… Therefore, I’ll start it off with several quote images on this post.



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March 8, 2012
by Ankoku Flare
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Warming up

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May 11, 2011
by Ankoku Flare

Rules of Composition

I’ve got these simple terms and definitions that my art teachers back in high school used to spam me to death with in quizzes throughout my years in art class. As much as loved random quizzes(Sarcasm). Have to admit they … Continue reading