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July 5, 2014
by Ankoku Flare

Discoveries, Sketches and Screenshots

Shiny new games can really take a good chunk of my blog focus.

I’ve had a handful of sketches on my red sketchbook this week. Figured I start posting them. 75 percent of it are Kronic’s ideas.

No progress in the Flare Out comic, but I’m having a good idea on where to continue on off of. Just a matter of getting myself to start the page.

Oh, I also got Minecraft screenies of my place.
Ended up making a house tree rather than a tree house. xD
I ended up being the magical crop lady in the town of Sunset Hills.

I might toss in screenies of other game things I’ve been working on. I’ve been playing a lot of Digimon World and Puzzles and Dragons lately.

Recently decided to help out Pokemon Mystery Universe. I’m mostly planning on helping on most of the graphic and site areas. I did miss putting input on some of the discussions, ideas, and debates on there too. It helps out on some other ideas I’ve had for community-based systems in general.


June 9, 2014
by Ankoku Flare

Sum sum summer-ee

Been having Minecraft fever after the fall semester has ended.
School went pretty well and the town in Minecraft is doing awesome too.

I recently got back to a road trip with my brother and boyfriend several good friends.
We got to crash to a couple of places, we went out to the beach, we went adventuring in a renaissance fair.
As far as food places go, the sushi buffet and the Cheesecake Factory were the most notable ones for me.
The trip was quite a learning experience. It definitely gave me ideas on food, people, and artsy stuff.

Time to dump some photos. Hm, I’ll put this as a compensation for my inactivity recently.

I’ll be able to scan some new content later or maybe screenshot some of the stuff from the Minecraft server. Depending how lazy I’m feeling later in the week.

Goat Milk?

April 4, 2014 by Ankoku Flare | 0 comments

Hadn’t tried any yet.

Uuuuugh, I hadn’t posted in a while one because internet went down and two I was stuck in a starbound loop. More like I was interested in what sorts of accessories and furniture I could find. Haha, not much of an excuse, but hey, I had a bit more self discipline to sit down and write something out. There’s just something settling about dumping out all the stuff that went on near the end of the day.

There’s an anniversary cake event in Spiral Knights, it’s basically a random room that spawns within level sort of thing, I’ll admit some people are crazy lucky when it comes to finding living pastry. I run dry when I attempt to search for it, then again, I really don’t make much of a tactic and at times I just find myself paying more attention to whatever I’m listening at the time. I’ll admit, it does give me an excuse to ask old friends to join in and bash cakes with not much of a level gap to deal with. There’s not much complications to deal with, so there’s always room to chit-chat and unwind.

School has been alright for the most part. I may not be Einstein, but I’m self-disciplined enough to get the job done. I’m a bit worried about Algebra and History. More uncertainty directed at History since there were some assignments I didn’t invested enough time to and discussion points in that class is challenging for me, since I get so resistant in uttering out things I’m not completely sure of, even though in most cases it is accurate or we are just talking about opinions. It’s annoying watching myself not even asking a mere question, while I had one in my head for ten minutes. I’m pushing myself toward doing more of that. Makes me wonder if I’m just anxious around teachers because of my past experience with my first one. Mmm, probably. I shouldn’t let it haunt me.

I still draw. Often between hours, it’s been nice being able to doodle during math note time. It’s a weird way to keep me focus and unwind at the same time. I feel like I need that. I’m like drawing all of my unconscious on paper while my memory makes a visual when I look back at my notes. I mean looking at a bunch problems gets dull for me. A novel expressing vivid imagery through words is a lot different than math problems. xD

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