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Goat Milk?

April 4, 2014 by Ankoku Flare | 0 comments

Hadn’t tried any yet.

Uuuuugh, I hadn’t posted in a while one because internet went down and two I was stuck in a starbound loop. More like I was interested in what sorts of accessories and furniture I could find. Haha, not much of an excuse, but hey, I had a bit more self discipline to sit down and write something out. There’s just something settling about dumping out all the stuff that went on near the end of the day.

There’s an anniversary cake event in Spiral Knights, it’s basically a random room that spawns within level sort of thing, I’ll admit some people are crazy lucky when it comes to finding living pastry. I run dry when I attempt to search for it, then again, I really don’t make much of a tactic and at times I just find myself paying more attention to whatever I’m listening at the time. I’ll admit, it does give me an excuse to ask old friends to join in and bash cakes with not much of a level gap to deal with. There’s not much complications to deal with, so there’s always room to chit-chat and unwind.

School has been alright for the most part. I may not be Einstein, but I’m self-disciplined enough to get the job done. I’m a bit worried about Algebra and History. More uncertainty directed at History since there were some assignments I didn’t invested enough time to and discussion points in that class is challenging for me, since I get so resistant in uttering out things I’m not completely sure of, even though in most cases it is accurate or we are just talking about opinions. It’s annoying watching myself not even asking a mere question, while I had one in my head for ten minutes. I’m pushing myself toward doing more of that. Makes me wonder if I’m just anxious around teachers because of my past experience with my first one. Mmm, probably. I shouldn’t let it haunt me.

I still draw. Often between hours, it’s been nice being able to doodle during math note time. It’s a weird way to keep me focus and unwind at the same time. I feel like I need that. I’m like drawing all of my unconscious on paper while my memory makes a visual when I look back at my notes. I mean looking at a bunch problems gets dull for me. A novel expressing vivid imagery through words is a lot different than math problems. xD


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In Lala Land

February 26, 2014 by Ankoku Flare | 0 comments

Settling in college has been going fairly well for me. Turning in all the goods and not having to worry about my grades at all. I still need to work on polishing my writing more though. May decide to bring my laptop with me so I can write out some random thoughts and opinions on here during my library down time.

While, I’m not completely busy with school, I still chill, cook, play video games. Whether it be managing my guild in Spiral Knights or discovering new lands in Starbound, I’ve been having a relaxing time with those two. I’m still not all that inclined on taking screenshots. Hah, just like me camera xD
One of these days, Flare, one of these days.

Mmm, should make some kind of goal…

Oh, forgot to post videos

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January 25, 2014
by Ankoku Flare

Just had my first week of college, it’s been the standard “explain syllabus” sessions for each class, so not much has stuck out. I think the luckiest thing was scoring a free book in history, aside of that, I don’t have to worry much about transportation. It’s only one day I do have make my way back on my bike.

I had this odd dream on that day I had to ride. I’m only able to remember the last few minutes; I saw a parking lot and I was on my steel horse heading out for the open road. For some reason I made a turn towards the middle of the road toward a sports car going at an unimaginable speed.I had no time to react, I collided with it, the bike leap over instead of crashing to the ground. Shortly after I woke up worried since I had to ride my bike the same day. I made my way with not issues with cars, but the rough terrain prove too much when I made my way back. I ended up with a flat, I’m glad it wasn’t nothing worse than that. I know I would need to get a mountain bike if I want to get through without getting another ripped tube.

Man, I was so eager to buy my books, I made multiple three mile trip back and forth by bike. I’d say I was just curious on how the vouchers they provided me worked. I figured out the prices were ridiculous. Prices are inflated now-a-days, especially the custom made variety. I’ve ordered the ones I’ll need. The book pressure is slightly more settled though. I feel like I saved a lot as well.

I’d say the thing that bothers me was that time I forget something I needed to bring. Luckily it was only a diagnostic test, but still, I can’t have that as a habit. I also got dropped by confusing a name pronounced as similar to mine. Ended up getting dropped, although Friday classes are not popular, so I would be able to crash back in the class. Even emailed the teacher checking if she could do something beforehand. I ought to be more careful, ask to say my name in full. What bothers me the most I had this gut feeling that very day. I’ll have to double check when that feeling comes about.

Currently, I’m trying to remind myself that it’s okay to make mistakes. I think this post did the trick. It’s funny how difficult it is to forgive myself while I forgive others who did so much more so easily. I feel like I should know better, but I also need to remember how to let go in order to free myself from the confines of the complex confines; I know it as mind prison.